joelrosenberg (joelrosenberg) wrote,

Happy Thanksgiving

... from "the gun guys":
The thing about the movement against gun violence is that, unfortunately, it has no real financial interests. There’s no money to be made in stopping gun violence.
Amazing.  This is from "The Gun Guys", an operation of the Mark Karlin PR Agency's "Freedom States Alliance", which has picked up at least $1,027,000, from the anti-gun Joyce Foundation alone, over the past few years. How many more millions have they landed, and from whom?  I dunno; they won't say. 

But they will then complain, bitterly and repeatedly, that their PR agency finds that there's "no money to be made."  What would they call "some money"?  Billions? 

Unsurprisingly, there's no mention of that on the "Freedom States Alliance" website. Just claims that their wholely-owned subsidiaries -- "The Gun Guys," "50 Caliber Terror," "Newspaper Loophole", etc. -- are a "family" of websites.  A "family."  Like, say, the Sopranos. 

In the spirit of the season, though, I'll wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those, well, turkeys.


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